A Glimpse Into British Columbia’s Annual Drought.

The Solution We Aren’t Willing to Talk About & My Personal Coping Strategies.

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Anxiety is often associated with excessive and unnecessary fear or worry. A looming job interview preventing you from sleeping, concerns over people’s perceptions hindering your social life, panicked memories taking control. Fortunately, the ever-evolving facets of modern medicine and psychology have developed a plethora of treatments for the multiple identified anxiety disorders. Many individuals find tremendous relief through appropriate medications and psychotherapy, aiding in understanding and overcoming their anxiety.

But, what is one to do when that fear is justified? When your anxiety is no longer pathological. When the nature of your fear is focused on a legitimate external danger…

Personal Sentiments From a Young Environmentalist to the World.

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Most people go through their daily routines without considering the planet we live on. Many have the luxury of ignorance; others can’t afford to care. Friends and family routinely say, “You shouldn’t stress about things you can’t control. We are all going to die someday.” It may be easy for them to self-separate. The safe option is to ignore. But what happens to those who can’t look away? What about those walking the emotional tightrope of ecological despair and empowering hope? Who are we, and why do we care so much?

From a young age, I loved nature. I was…

Hayley Cloona

Storyteller, Scientist, Photographer, Nature Lover.

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